Gay Affirmative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Sexual Minority Youth 

Cognitive Behavior Therapy that has been adapted to ensure (a) an affirming stance toward LGBTQ+ identities, (b) recognition and awareness of LGBTQ+-specific sources of stress, and (c) the delivery of CBT content within an affirming, developmentally relevant and trauma-informed framework.  AFFIRM helps clients to identify and challenge internalized stigma and negative core beliefs in a safe and supportive clinical context.

Shelley L. Craig, Ashley Austin, Edward Alessi

Your Rights Related to Sexual Reproductive Health: A Guide for Youth in Care

This document is one of three in a compendium of sexual and reproductive health guidance and resources for child welfare jurisdictions from a national workgroup convened by CSSP. The goal of this document is to provide jurisdictions with a means of helping youth (in foster care or extended care) in understanding their SRH care rights, and give them practical information that will help them exercise their rights and getting their service needs met. The other two documents in this series include a policy and practice framework for child welfare leaders and policy makers and a practical tool meant specifically for use by caseworkers. Both this document and the one designed for caseworkers are aligned with the recommendations on current best practices around SRH policy and practice contained in the policy framework. Includes LGBTQ+ specific considerations and resources.