QIC Materials

Throughout the life of the QIC-LGBTQ2S project, the materials created will be continuously added to this page.


QIC-LGBTQ2S Glossary: 

The National Quality Improvement Center (QIC) on Tailored Services, Placement Stability and Permanency for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Two-Spirit (LGBTQ2S) Children and Youth in Foster Care has created this glossary as a resource for the QIC-LGBTQ2S Local Implementation Sites (LIS), partners, and consultants. Even though we are providing these definitions, the best practice remains to ask youth how they self-identify and ask about language that makes them feel safe. If they choose to avoid self-identifying terms, honor their decision—doing so will clearly indicate to children and youth their right to be who they are and to be safe. Please visit our reference page for original sources.







Literature Review:

Youth with Diverse Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression in Child Welfare: A Review of Best Practices

This literature review was created to provide applicants with relevant background
information on the needs of children and youth with diverse SOGIE and the programs, practices, guidelines, and toolkits that have been developed.









QIC-LGBTQ2S Evaluation Definitions










Archived Webinars:

The QIC-LGBTQ2S holds monthly webinars as part of our ongoing technical assistance with the Local Implementation Sites (LIS). Webinars are typically hosted live with LIS and archived here.


Archived Webinars:

Best Practices for Supporting Transgender Children and Youth in Child Welfare – by Elijah Nealy, PhD, M.Div., LCSW








Using an Intersectional Lens to Provide a More Complex Understanding of LGBTQ2S Youth in Foster Care – by Kathy Lazear, Human Service Collaborative






Sustaining Local Implementation Site Innovations – by Sheila A. Pires, Human Service Collaborative





Supporting Transgender Children and Youth Laying the Foundation – by Elijah Nealy, PhD, M.Div., LCSW







Encountering Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Bias – by Angela Weeks, MPA, Project Director & Reverend Shanea Leonard, Judah Fellowship






Implementation Science – by Angela Weeks, MPA, Project Director & Marlene Matarese, Ph.D., Principle Investigator







The Importance and Practical Strategies for Including Youth Voice in Continuous Quality Improvement – by Youth Move National







Incorporating Youth Voice Into Implementation  – by Youth Move National






AFFIRM Model – an affirmative clinical CBT model for working with LGBTQ2S youth.